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XORA ENTERPRISE SDN BHD is recognized as the leading adhesive tapes manufacturer and distributor of industrial packaging tapes in Malaysia. Founded in 2008, has built a reputation as the leading player in the industry, solely because of our persistence in product quality. Throughout years, Xora Enterprise Sdn Bhd has proved the ability to deliver a broad range of superior quality products and services to our customer. “Bondmat, Bonding Material Solutions”

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Oxo-Biodegradable Stretch Film

1. Are You Looking For The Right Stretch Film Singapore Supplier In Next 20 Days?

Stretch film supplier is everywhere, but it is difficult to select the greatest one. Where to get the right stretch film supplier in Singapore? Here we are, we are the famous and good reputation company in the market that had established more than 10 years in this industrial sector. We guarantee the quality of the stretch film as it is strictly under control and supervise. Besides that, the stretch film we supply isn’t just the standard stretch film, it is bio-degradable as we made it based on the latest bio plastic technology. Thus, the oxo-biodegradable stretch film is perfectly eco-friendly as it can be easily biodegrade. Let us tell you a trick about that the sunlight can accelerate the speed of the biodegradation of this stretch wrap. Hence, the oxo-biodegradable stretch film we offer is the best suit for you to wrap your goods especially the sensitive and fragile material items. Tell you good news which is the additive for oxidation biodegradation is actually not expensive. Therefore, we can provide you the oxo-biodegradable stretch film with a reasonable price and the material we guarantee is still the best. Besides that, our company have a professional team which can provide consultancy to you that what is the most appropriate kind of oxo-biodegradable stretch film and other products we have (adhesive tapes) that is suitable for your business purpose.

2. The Best Stretch Film Singapore Supplier

There is no doubt that we are the best stretch film supplier as we are strongly focus on one of the most important thing – the quality of the product. We ensure the elasticity and durability of the stretch film can perfectly meet customers’ satisfaction and requirements. Our company is fast growing through more than 10 years of experiences. We expand our business partnership from local and now towards to global. We had received a lot of feedback and comments from customers and business partner. We seriously take note on those negatives feedback and comments. Thus, we made a lot of improvement and now we have a rigid cornerstone and getting better. We also gained some long term partnerships all along through these years. Besides that, we earned good reputation as a good stretch film supplier is because of the reasonable price. Even though there is sometimes economy unstable or financial crisis in the world, we still maintain our price at the reasonable value. The price we offer is affordable and thus we obtained customers’ trust and confidence. We also emphasize on the logistics sector. We ensure the distribution channel of our stock can be send to the destination in time and safely. Moreover, the stretch film we supply is eco-friendly and recyclable as it is oxidation-biodegradable. If you get purchase order from us, that’s mean you are contributing to our society by reducing the rubbish and pollution to the environment. Let us take action on the responsibility and role on protect our earth now!


3. Get In Touch With The Number 1 Stretch Film Supplier In Singapore

There are several ways you can interact with us. The most direct way is to visit ‘Contact Us’. We provide all our company communication and location details. If you have any inquiries or you are seeking for consultancy, you can contact us during our working time. Our company dedicated customer care line is 012-8788415. Please do not hesitate to drop us a call or WhatsApp, we will try our best to reply you as soon as possible. Besides that, you can visit our company official website which is at www.xesb.my to take a look for further details in the website. Moreover, the other way you can interact with us is through email info@xoraprintedtapes.com or you can also fax your purchase order to us 03-89617826 so that we can proceed to next stage to process the business order.

4. The Main 3 Benefits From The Greatest Stretch Film Singapore Supplier

The main benefit you can get from our company is the price of products. We offer the most appropriate price to customers and business partner in order to keep the relationship and cooperation in long term. Even though we have many potential competitors all around the world, but we still assure that our pricing is at the most reasonable worth. Furthermore, customers indirectly had put effort and contribute to our surrounding environment by using oxo-biodegradable stretch film is actually eco-friendly and recyclable. Therefore, we should be more considerate so that the beautiful natural can be maintained in the future. As the stretch film can be easily oxidation biodegrade within a year. Hence, we had minimize the landfill disposal by reducing the trash and this can also lessen the pollution.

Moreover, the quality is one of the important benefit that the customer can obtain from us. We promise that our product is quality assured that all our products have passed through quality control. From the customer good feedback we can see that our product are guarantee with quality as good quality product only will obtain good feedback and also long term support from our beloved customer. Therefore, customer can purchase our product with happily and without worried about the quality and life span of the product.

Last but not least, the benefit that we can provide to customers is reliable delivery services. We provided the delivery service within Klang Valley area. Customer can save the hassle from arranging their logistic to pick up the stock if the orders are too bulky to be carried in normal passenger car. We strive to provide the best service to every customer in order to develop long term business relationship.

5. Introducing Oxo-Biodegradable Stretch Film Singapore

Xora Enterprise Sdn Bhd is one of the leading oxo-biodegradable stretch film and viscous tapes supplier in Singapore where we are the expert in supplying oxo-biodegradable stretch film and also adhesive tapes to customer for more than 10 years. Our professionalism and industry experience is the cornerstone in fulfilling only the best service and quality products. The mission of Xora Enterprise Sdn Bhd is to provide the highest services and quality product to customer to ensure 100% satisfaction and customer retention. The vision of Xora Enterprise Sdn Bhd is to become the market leader. At the same time, we also do not forget the responsibility to the environment.

6. Are You Ready To Purchase Oxo Stretch Film Singapore In 3 Days?

Any apple of your eye here? If you had a choice in your mind please do not hesitate or feel shy to contact us. We are here willing to assist you in any questions and inquiries. Our main office is located in Selangor Malaysia. You can drop a message or call us. Our hotline is 012-8788415 and official email address is info@xoraprintedtapes.com. Besides that you can browse the product catalogue to see further details about stretch film and adhesive tapes. If you are going to make a purchase order, you may fax it to us through 03-89617826 so that we can help you to proceed your order. By the way, you are kindly welcome to make an appointment for the visiting to our store. You can straight come over our office which is located at No. 32, Jalan 2/2A, Taman Industri Selesa Jaya, 43300 Balakong, Selangor Malaysia. You may come over to our office to have cash on delivery and at the same time you can double check the stock that you had order from us to make sure the stock we supply is in good condition and flawless.

7. Why Choose Oxo Stretch Film Singapore?

One of the noticeable essential advantage you can get from us is about the product quality. We make sure the product quality is certified and qualified. The other main reason is because you can get a cheaper and reasonable price from us. Neither dealer nor customer, we work very hard to offer them our best price. Moreover, the value that we can provide for client is prompt delivery services. This can help customer to save their precious time and focus on their mission critical processes. Besides that, the stretch film we supply is biodegradable which mean is can be decomposed through oxidation and it is eco-friendly. It has a shorter duration to be decomposed compared with the non-biodegradable stretch film. Our oxo stretch film is recyclable which help to reduce the amount of rubbish in earth and also reduce the total amount of plastic produce for commercial purpose. Last but not least, we have a team of dedicated customer care personnel that can provide pre post-sales support to them. Customer can contact our team during workings hours and we are happy to offer our solutions that best suit for your business requirement.

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