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XORA ENTERPRISE SDN BHD is recognized as the leading adhesive tapes manufacturer and distributor of industrial packaging tapes in Malaysia. Founded in 2008, has built a reputation as the leading player in the industry, solely because of our persistence in product quality. Throughout years, Xora Enterprise Sdn Bhd has proved the ability to deliver a broad range of superior quality products and services to our customer. “Bondmat, Bonding Material Solutions”

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High Density

Oxo-biodegradable stretch film with strong elasticity and durability, good for wrapping sensitive materials.


Nurture Nature Industry

Reducing garbage and wastage to avoid pollution to our living environment by using Eco wrapping

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The Most Superior Stretch Film Singapore Supplier

Stretch film supplier is everywhere, but it is difficult to select the greatest one. Where to get the right stretch film supplier in Singapore? Here we are – Xora Enterprise Sdn Bhd (XESB),  we are the famous and good reputation company in the market that had established more than 10 years in this industrial sector. We guarantee 100% the quality of the stretch film as it is strictly under control and supervise. Besides that, the stretch film we supply isn’t just the standard stretch film, it is bio-degradable as we made it based on the latest bio plastic technology. Thus, the oxo-biodegradable stretch film is perfectly eco-friendly as it can be easily biodegrade. Our stretch film is oxo biodegradable stretch film which is eco-friendly where biodegradable stretch film will take less time to degrade which is only 12 months and non-biodegradable will take up to 24 months to degrade. Unlike conventional plastics that will remain in the environment posing many risk, the oxo-biodegradable stretch film will promptly degrade, accelerated by the sun’s UV rays. OXO-biodegradable stretch films contain trace elements of special additives which allow the film to degrade and then bio-degrade. It is certified with SASO 2879 / BS 8472: 2011 / UAE S 5009.

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In order to interact with our customer the most common way and easy is through phone calling.  Our company dedicated customer care line is 012-475 8415.

Alternatively, customers can always get in touch with us if they are keen to purchase wire tapes via WhatsApp or phone call.

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The benefit that our customer can obtain from us is the price.  Customer can rest assured that the quality will not be compromised even we offer relative competitive pricing.

Quality is one of the important benefit that the customer can obtain from us. We promise that all our products have passed through quality control.

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If you have already made up your mind to get a purchase order from us, you are welcome to call or WhatsApp to us during our working hours. Our contact number is 012-8788415.

If you are ready to purchase you can also fax your purchase order to us through 03-89617826 so that we can help you to proceed your order.


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Product Quality



Oxo-Biodegradable Stretch Film

Oxo-Biodegradable Stretch Film is quality assured and the product is really valued for money.



Best choice for industrial purposes


Can wrap for more than 24 hours

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Stock will be deliver within 5 working days

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If you are ready to purchase from us, you can straight come to our office located after you have contact us to check for stock availability. You can come to our office to have cash on delivery and get the stock at your own self at the same time. Besides, you can also check for the stock to ensure that the stock we supply you is in good condition and without any defect. Our office location is at No.32, Jalan 2/2A, Taman Industri Selesa Jaya, 43300, Balakong, Selangor. Feel free to drop us a visit when you pass by to gain more information about our oxo-biodegradable stretch film.

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